21 Temmuz 2010 Çarşamba

Prada Event Last Night

Prada held a Swing Night event last night, to celebrate their Swing sunglasses collection. And though I'm not one to normally attend and enjoy these type of events, I must admit it was a very lovely and enjoyable evening. It's as if you were amongst friends, eating, drinking, and having a lovely time. It was very relaxed. And it seems that when Prada puts an event together, they really go out to have you experience a good time. The setting at Joe's Pub was hip with a touch of old world cabaret fantasy. The seafood bar, hors d'oeuvres, & drinks were plentiful and gourmet delicious; and the male models that served them did not even trip or anything! For the entertainment they brought on Nina Hagen to sing from her new CD: "Personal Jesus". There were also 4 top models present, modeling the glasses. They were dressed, and made up, as if ready to walk onto the runway. (Imagine a model in an editorial in person. It's a whole different experience. In that sense a picture does not do them justice). They were at times slightly dancing to the music while standing in the middle of everyone, (all four of them together, in an adorable way), or the would would go around, amongst the people, with a Polaroid photographer who snapped pictures of them with the attendees. After which the photographer would hand you the mini Polaroids. One of the models was Rasa, though I couldn't make out the other 3. I left around 11:30, so I'm not sure what took place after that, but on the way out we received a copy of Hagen's new CD, and another from Prada, which contained images and videos of the latest campaigns, and which I now like to share one with you. It's of the behind the scene making of the f.w campaign, shot by Meisel. I hope you enjoy it

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